Thursday, September 27, 2007

Broken bones

On Monday I slipped on a tin while cleaning the floor. Didn't think anything of it.
On Tuesday I woke up and my knee was swollen and bruised. Still not worried because I did fall kind of hard.
On Wednesday I woke up and went down to the laundry room. My knee was clicking the whole way. I figured that was probably a sign. I went to the doctor and she thinks I may have chipped my Tibial Plateau. Yuck. There is also a lot of junk in my knee which may have to be taken out. I got some x rays and came home.
Today I got am immobilizer. While it stops the clicking (which totally grosses me out), it makes it very hard to walk and impossible to carry anything up or down the stairs. I feel so frustrated. Tomorrow I should get my x ray results. Please say a little prayer for me. :)

1 comment:

karen said...

OUCH.. Hope everything is ok with your leg. You didnt look too comfortable sunday. Ali got her cast on her arm today. Shes loving the attention.