Friday, April 18, 2008

I won some blog candy!

KIm Hughes celebrated her birthday this month and for her birthday she gave away a lot of blog candy. I took a peek at her blog today and was totally thrilled to see that I won *5 Sakura pens*! I LOVE these pens and to get them from Kim is such an honor! I am a totally fan/blog stalker of hers. ;) If you haven't seen her designs, you really should jump over to and check them out. They are are so cute and fun!

House update- We are really getting some positive action on our Colorado home. I hope that an offer will be coming soon. We also loved a house in Washington but it came off the market. We felt bad and then kind of forgot about it. Well, it is back on the market and we can't beat the deal. I really hope this is it! :)


karen said...

Just wanted to make sure you made it to your new home. Was it a good trip? I hope you get warmer weather. WE are supposed to be in the 80s for the next few days. Im so ready. Let us know when you can.

wenonah said...

Congrats! Looks like the housing situation was meant to be!