Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hip hip hooray!

It is back to school today!
Rachel is going to party!
Will I clean the house today? HELL NO!
Will I do laundry today? HELL NO!
Will I make dinner today? I think today is a day for Ben & Jerry's on the waterfront. Just heard that there is a new flavor- Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road. Can you guess why I am dying to try it??? I *heart* Elton John.
I am going to be a stamping fool too. Time to catch up on all my TIVO shows. Yeah!
Tell me what you have been up to since your kids have been back to school. Maybe I will randomly pick one and then give away some fun blog candy. :)

1 comment:

karen said...

YEAH.. Isnt it so much fun with out ALL the kids home. It so quiet here between 6:30AM and 3PM. I find I do get a lot done by about 9am then im like.... What do I do now? I have been watching tooo much tv and having fun making file folders for my kids.

Im likeing school back in session. Now if I could just find somewere for Aussie to go???