Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh the nerdiness!

This past week was BlueHat at Microsoft. This is a huge hacking conference for Jason and he was very busy. He also has a week of dinners and parties after work to schmooze with other nerds. A couple of these are 'plus one' events and I got to go along. This year we went to a little restaurant off of Post Alley near the Market. Honestly, it was a little dull- And that's saying a lot since Barry and I can entertain ourselves at the expensive of others quite easily. But there were only a few people there and it was really dark. Barry and I went around and harassed some upper level management and this guy who wears Utility Kilts all the time. *I am buying Jason one- just so I can see his legs 24/7. And maybe to torment Dan and Andy...* Adam has promised to let me straighten his hair is I raise money for his alma mater and he gave me a lap dance. I got to hug and squeeze Gorgeous Steve which did something for me but nothing for Barry. So we gave up and went and got ice cream after a little while and waited it out outside.

Then we were led to an after party in the Alibi Room. This is a very tiny restaurant near the famous Gum Wall. Except that once we got into the restaurant (which is already below street level), we were led down two more sets of stairs into a small room. BUT before we could go into the room we had to fill out a bizarre quiz and put on a name tag. Here's a little tip for whoever organized this event-
1. Hackers tend to be suspicious people. Very suspicious. Asking them to fill out a quiz with their full name and favorite things is an exercise in futility, even when the request is made from a woman in a low cut, black, latex outfit and 99% of the hackers at this party are men (true story). This soon became a contest to see who could write the funniest bit of BS.

**We found out that this quiz was for a murder/mystery game. And this brings me to the second point.**

2. Hackers don't think like normal people. They think all around a problem to find the each and every weak point in any situation. Our host 'Scully' told us that every 30 minutes, we would need to stop our conversations, eating and drinking to listen for new clues to figure out who the murderer was. Well, about 5 minutes after her first set of clues, Jason and I had figured out who the murderer would be and went back to chatting with our drunken friends. Everyone else in the room had figured it out too. So they scrapped the game and turned the music up to a deafening level. At that point we decided to call it a night and head home.

I say this with all the love in my heart but no matter how you slice it, nerds and parties don't mix. I'd hang out with Barry any time and I may need to make Mike my new BFF (he has a lovely accent and makes anything sound heavenly) but I can do that stuff anytime. I love you Jason but no more parties with the promise of some hard partying if only nerdiness is going to happen!

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