Thursday, March 27, 2008

What have I been up to???

The month of March has flown by and gone painfully slow at the same time. Have you ever felt like that?
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With the help of many of friends who put in many hours at my home, we finally got it on the market. I posted the link so you can see the house. Just click on 'Virtual tour' under the spot where the picture ought to be. Hope you like it. :) Thanks to all those who helped.
Jason left for Washington many weeks ago. It has been hard being a single parent without him. He is really enjoying his job at Microsoft. We can't wait to join him in June when the kids finish school. We are still house hunting but we know the general area we would like to be. We will be going out there next week and we are so excited.
As far as stamping goes, I hear my stamps crying in the basement every night. They are crying from lack of use. They don't want to be in the dark basement, on my desk, all alone. They worry about being packed away with so much of the other craft stuff. I keep trying to assure them that won't happen but they don't see me often enough to believe me. I have got to stamp tomorrow for my own sanity. Please check back tomorrow. If I haven't posted anything, yell at me to get on the ball, okay?
I will finally be done with this round of work tomorrow. I am so grateful. I love my work but it does tend to wear me down every now and then. I have really been pushing myself to finish early so I can spend time with Jason. :P
April is going to be wonderful for me. There are birthdays to celebrate and vacations to take. Hopefully we will be under contract soon, both to sell this house and to buy another. Please say a prayer for us and ask the Lord to give us peace while we work on moving toward moving.

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Wenonah said...

I think you need someone to yell at you to go play with your stamps. Hoping the lack of postings and pics of what you've done (or said you would do) is because you've been busy with the house under contract and all that.