Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I've been tagged!!!

I've been tagged by my friend Angie. :) We met (and slept together) at the CTMH convention. ;)

If you click on the title of this blog, you can go see her blog.  

7 random or weird facts about myself-

1.  I dance and sing a lot but just for fun and usually just around family or friends.  In reality, I get really embarrassed when I am asked to do either when it is serious.
2.  I eat clay.  Every morning before breakfast, I have been eating clay to try to manage my migraines without medication.  It is actually working pretty well.  
3.  I think that the bull whip is awesome and I would love to learn how to do some cool tricks sometime.  
4.  I have to bring a Sam's package of Clorox wipes with me when we travel to combat germs.  I don't have a lot of OCD normally but when we travel, germs really get to me.
5.  I am allergic to chocolate but eat it anyway.
6.  I think I am kind of a chicken but if someone dares me to do something, I can't back down.  :)
7.  I adore Elton John.  I only have Elton John on my ipod.  :)

I am going to have to think of 7 people to add since I am not sure everyone I have in mind has a blog.  But to start with-
1.  Karen

*Blogger seems to be having problems today.  :(  I hope all the links come through.

Crap, all the links are gone.  You can see Angie's blog at

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The Blocksom Family said...

Clay?? Please explain. I am genuinely curious - I get lots of migraines so if it works - tell me all about it. Miss you girl!!