Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Ali Edwards- One Little Word

One Little Word.
I saw this on her blog.
I saw this on friends' blogs.
But I just didn't feel like I had a specific word that would represent what I wanted to accomplish or focus on in 2010. Honestly, I hadn't been feeling like myself for a few years now. I felt like my migraines ruled everything. When they were bad, I couldn't be the mom or wife I wanted to be let alone have extra time to accomplish much of anything. In the last three months though, that's changed. I've had two migraines in three months when I used to get at least three migraines a week. I have my life and my time back. And because of that, I decided to really sit down and pick a word to motivate and inspire me this year.

My word is EMERGE.

I hope to emerge from 2010 becoming the person I want to be and to get back the person I was.

There is a super fun challenge this week to make your word with pictures of the letters in your word. I'm going to head out and take some pictures over the next couple of days for my word. I'll post my creation on Monday or Tuesday.

Check out the Ali's post. Maybe it's something that can inspire you. If not today, maybe someday soon. :)

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