Monday, December 17, 2007

A project and my beef with You Tube...

Here are some pictures of a little banner I made with Kitchen Sink Stamps Playful Alphabet Buddy.

I found these chipboard squares at Archivers. Kathy (a fellow blogger) sent me a package of Figgy Pudding (how awesome is that!) so I decided this would be the perfect project for it!

I stamped the letters I needed onto Eclipse tape. Then I cut out the letters (not in detail, just cutting them apart). I searched through my Figgy Pudding for combinations I liked and laid it all out. I put the tape on the paper I had chosen for the letters and carefully cut them out. Then I got out my Modge Podge and put a thin coat onto the chipboard. I adhered 1 1/2" squares of different paper to each square and made sure that they were centered nicely and glued on evenly. Then I muddied the edges of the letters and the squares with Cocoa (Close To My Heart). Then I applied a little Modge Podge to the back of each letter and centered them onto the squares. You want to be careful to wipe off any glue that might sneak out from under the letters. Once this stuff dries, it is permanent and you don't want to have big blobs of hard glue around your letters, do you??? Once these were dry, I sealed them with completely with Modge Podge. Try to apply an even coat when you do this. *Modge Podge is great stuff. It comes in matte, glossy and even a glitter finish. It is very durable and doesn't distort the project very much. For the last step, I cut a length of ribbon and found the center. I placed my center letter in the center and stuck it to the ribbon with Zots. I spaced the letters 1/2" apart and spaced the two words 1 1/2" apart. I found this awesome star at a craft show about a month ago. I want to keep it up all the time but I thought I would jazz it up for the holidays and put this banner on it. I LOVE it!

As if I haven't talked enough... I have a beef with You Tube. I can't load my video tutorial onto their site. :( Once I figure this out, I will post it here. Hopefully, I can get it up no later than tomorrow when the Wonder Husband Jason can help me out. :)

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