Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy Anniversary A Muse!

You can find me at A Muse every Wednesday with Alex.  We LOVE to do the make and take and do a little shopping.  Amanda always gives Alex a balloon and it is the highlight of his week.  Did you know that he asked to go to A Muse for his birthday?  *sniff*  That's my baby...

A Muse is having a terrific sale to celebrate their 8th anniversary.  There are also contests on the blog so check it out.

I missed the 1st contest (grrrr...) but the second one was to post what your first A Muse stamp was.  Mine was this dragon.  I fell in love with him because he was so quirky and cute.

This is not my best pic.  Sorry.  It is pouring rain today so I had to take the pic in my dark basement...

Have you seen the new releases from A Muse?  There is a rubber fortune cookie stamp and this acrylic sentiment stamp that goes with it.  Want to know the best part???  Maybe you've heard of the game where everyone reads their fortune but adds "in bed" at the end?  It is a riot.  Anyway, the fortune cookie sentiment set comes with those two little words.  :D  Isn't that hilarious?!

This little card is for Jason.  I'll stick it in his bag tomorrow.  And yes, inside the card it says, "in bed".  *snicker*

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Sparkle said...

What a darling card! I don't have it yet, but did think the fortune cookie was darling.

See you a couple of days! :)