Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Poor Kait :(

Kait got two more crowns this morning and will go back in about two weeks to get some cavities filled. :( I feel bad for her because she hates it when her lips are numb. She really brushes her teeth and they always look really clean. I am not sure what is going on that she gets so many cavities.

On the bright side, once the laughing gas hit, Kait was hilarious. She just started to tell a story and I'm not sure she ever took a breath. It was really cute!

PLUS, Kait's dentist is GORGEOUS! (Yes, Jason knows I have a crush on her dentist. ;) ) He has muscles, brown hair and the prettiest eyes. And he is so sweet. If anyone is looking for a good, patient kids dentist, I will give you his info. Hot diggity! :)

I've seriously got a stack of cards that I need to photograph and upload. I am hoping that Kait will crash in a little bit so I can get it all done.

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