Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Make a card in 20 mins or less challenge

I am not at the point in my card making skills where I can throw away a crappy card.  I will peel off the layers, cut more paper, cut more ribbon, stamp another image, etc. until I am happy with it.  Sometimes it takes me way more than 20 minutes to make just one card.  :P  So when I saw Glenda's challenge on the A Muse Lounge, I decided to give it a try.  Can I really make a card in less than 20 minutes?!

I discovered that no, I can't.  But it's not what you think...

3:30 Sit down to make card
3:34 Kids friend comments that my house is messy but theirs is clean.  Wallow is self pity and wonder if I should be cleaning instead of card making...  Put away some paper and then decide to get back on track and make the card.  Cleaning can wait.  
3:39 6 year old comes and says, 'Look at the menu I wrote for dinner!'  Admire said menu with pictures and sounded out words until 6 year old happily skips away to recruit siblings to make the dinner and play restaurant tonight.
3:42  7 year old comes and says, 'Can I dance ballet upstairs?'  Yes, go dance ballet.
3:45 3 children come through the living room on the way to the office to print copies of the menu for the family.  I must stop and tell them that their 3 year old brother took all the paper out of the printer to make pictures of all the pets he wants to get for his birthday (April 20th)  and they need to go find the paper, stack it neatly and put it back into the printer.
3:47 Mom calls and had a bad day at school.  Little stinkers at school are stealing.   Talk to my dad too and tell him thank you for sending the 3 year olds train table for his upcoming birthday.  Hand the phone off to the kids to talk with grandma.
 While talking on the phone with my mom, holding the phone with my shoulder and trying to make my card-
The 13 year old says, 'Mom, move your eyebrows!'  My eyebrows are not moving very well since I had Botox yesterday (for migraines) and the 13 year old laughs in an EVIL way.
The 6 year old has returned with a penny.  She says, "Give it to me when I am done."  Done with WHAT? I wonder...
*Now I am holding one penny, the phone and various card making supplies all at once.
Everyone seems to be running in and out of the basement.  No one is remembering to shut the door and chilly air is creeping inside!  Brrrrrrr!
4:14 Hang up with Mom.  Tell 13 year old that she may not charge family members for their meals at the restaurant tonight.  Listen to her argue that it will only be $3 a person.  Anyone in need of a teenager?
4:21 Have a wrestling match with my Koyoto adhesive thing because it is at the end of the roll and gummed up.  I think that happened when I was trying to stick my card together, hold a penny and phone at the same time.  Make a mental note to buy more adhesive at A Muse tomorrow.  Take a second to do the happy dance!

This card took 20 minutes or less.  I am sure of it.  Minus all the distractions, I probably had that puppy whipped up in 20 SECONDS!  

Yeah, right...


Jenn said...

You are so funny! I absolutely LOVE your play-by-play on how you make cards! Funny thing is, it sounds strangly familiar to how that process goes down at my house too!



Glenda said...

Love your fun card with all of the bright colours! Funny story!!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for playing!