Friday, August 28, 2009

Time for a change

I just love how that pic of Mad Eye Moody came out! He's so sneaky. :)

Mad Eye is a veiled chameleon. They can move each eye independently hence the name Mad Eye Moody. If you still don't get it, you've got to read Harry Potter!

Now for a gift card holder. If you open it up, the gift card sticks out from a fold in the center. I should have taken a pic of the inside or done a tutorial. :( Sorry!
Some friends of ours got married last Saturday. They are a great couple and I'm so happy for them. The 'happily ever after' just seemed to fit them perfectly. The stamp came from Green Grass stamps and they are one of my favorite companies. They have some very nice, original art that is fun and easy to work with. Not much has been happening on their site lately and I'm not sure if they are out of business or not. They were going to come out with some new images in March but it never happened. I'm pretty bummed. :( I think they still have some older stamps available (for 50% off) on their site. Get em' while you can! :)

The paper is from Stella Ruby from Basic Grey. I added some TAC flowers that I just had to have but haven't used too much. I like them so much that I keep "saving" them but I've got to get over that. :)

Enjoy and have a good weekend! I've to my TCP challenge card to upload tomorrow and then something special that I made from Jason. :)

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Sparkle said...

Such a pretty wedding card!